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Social Content 

As well as creating TVC's and promos for broadcast, I also have extensive experience creating content pieces for social media. My involvement on these projects encompasses writing, producing, direction and post production editing.


Benjamin Law presents 'Get Clean' - Bank Australia x SBS 

I concepted, wrote and creative directed this series exploring the 'Clean Money' movement being spearheaded by Bank Australia, the only bank refusing to invest in live animal exports, fossil fuels, gambling, weapons and tobacco. 

Network Ten 2019 Upfronts - Behind The Scenes with Mat Whitehead

I directed, edited and co-wrote this behind the scenes reel for the Network Ten 2019 Upfronts Presentation. 

National Geographic - Pure Photography with Jason Edwards

I produced, wrote and edited several of these Promax Award winning “Pure Photography” content pieces for National Geographic.

National Geographic - World Traveller

I produced, wrote and edited 7 videos in this “World Traveller” series of content pieces for National Geographic.

Bondi Rescue - TenPlay

I created a series of roughly 12 videos for Bondi Rescue featuring interviews with many of the Bondi Lifeguards, to extend our broadcast content on TenPlay. 

Escape with ET - TenPlay

To enhance the experience of our broadcast content, I was responsible for creating a series of videos for TenPlay for shows including Escape with ET.

Get to know 10 Sport - 10Play

I created a series of roughly 15 videos for 10Play online and social platforms showcasing the networks Sport Team including Scott McKinnon, Matt Burke, Josh Gibson, Gordon Bray and Daryl Beattie.

Batyr Marketing Video

I directed this online marketing video for mental health service Batyr.

Behind The Scenes with Israel Folau

I shot, directed and edited this online video for Foxtel featuring Israel Folau.

Empire Beads

I directed, edited and produced all segments for client Empire Beads' instructional videos which were published by a major womens magazine and presented by actress Dee Smart.

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