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TVCs & Ads

I have been making films since I managed to get hold of my family video camera, sometime around primary school. Since then I've produced, directed, edited and written TVC's and promos for broadcast, music videos, corporate videos, short films and all sorts of online content. I've worked with well known TV Network presenters, as well as international talent, actors and performers. My strengths are strong visuals with a keen eye for storytelling through cinematography, art direction and performance. 

The Marty Sheargold Show Triple M

I directed and edited this campaign for Marty Sheargold's breakfast radio show.

AHM x The Project

I directed and edited this series of spots featuring Rachel Corbett of The Project. 

Jalna x Gourmet Farmer

I wrote and creative directed a series of TVC's for SBS's Gourmet Farmer and Jalna's Organic Yoghurt. 

Angela Bishop Movie Reviews

I directed and produced a series of spots featuring Network Ten talent

Angela Bishop reviewing current movies.

Heartcaker Social Promo TVC

I shot, directed and edited this short commercial for Heartcaker.

Dr. OZ

I directed and produced this shoot with Dr Oz for Arena.

Network Ten & Surf Safe QLD CSA

I directed, produced and edited this spot, working with talent across Network Ten for Surf Safe QLD.

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